Writing portfolio

Want to check out some of my work? That’s cool.

There’s a lot of it, so if there’s a specific type of example you want to see let me know, otherwise enjoy overviewing an eclectic mix of some of my work.

Wales Arts Review

I am an associate editor for Wales Arts Review and I write columns and reviews on a regular basis. You can check out my author page here.

The Cardiff Review

That’s right, I write fiction too! My short story ‘Mirror Ghost’ appeared in The Cardiff Review and later appeared in the editors’ favourites list. See more here.

Irish Tech News

You’ve heard of entrepreneurs, but what about intrapreneurs? That’s right. They’re a thing. Find out more here.

Gair Rhydd

We all get started somewhere. For me, all my first published writing started in University when working as an editor for the student paper. So this is is a nod to the early years.

Business Matters

Want an innovative culture? You’re going to need more than a fresh lick of paint. Read more here.

CEO Today

2020 is here, but lest we forget the incredible creative breakthroughs of 2019. We made a lot of advancements, read about them here.

The Cinnamon Bun

This is my writing equivalent of eating a chocolate cake. I love Courtney Barnett and I loved reviewing her second album for this Medium publication. Check it out.

London Business Journal

You train your body, why not your brain? Learn to sidestep thinking traps with this piece on pages 14-16 of the LBJ, available here.

Director Magazine

It’s something we all struggle with, the fine line between work and play. Read more here.

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