About Me



Hi, I’m Caragh.


I was an annoying child. Really, I was. 

Even in my youngest years I could be found scribbling down stories, playing make believe in the wild colours of my imagination or – most of the time – lost in the vivid and far away worlds of a good adventure book. 

As I got older I would type out stories on my family computer and then insist they were read to my younger siblings as bedtime stories (sorry Jenny, sorry Joe…) 

As a teenager I fell head over heels in love with English in school – I later went on to graduate with a First Class Honours degree in English Literature from Cardiff University, and an MA in Creative Writing to boot. 

From working as an award-winning editor on Cardiff University’s student paper Gair Rhydd to carving out my freelance career in writing, I’ve lived in a world of words. I’m at home here, it’s what I’m good at – and if I can help other people with that skill at the same time, the more the better. 

John Irving wrote, “If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”

I’m so happy to have found that courage. 

My passion and love for both the craft and art of writing is what sets me apart from other industry copywriters and content creators – I greet every challenge with enthusiasm, tenacity and good old fashioned spark. 

If you have a writing project, query or just fancy a chat – drop me a line on caragh@caraghwrites.com

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